Ever heard of SwagBucks?

I think I had kind of heard about it (like I wasn't really listening) and then a couple of weeks ago, I decided why not try it out?

Well, in less than 2 weeks, I've already earned enough swagbucks to get myself a little gift card to Amazon and I'm on my way to another one. What did I have to do? Nothing I don't already do!!
All I did was sign up for SwagBucks, and start using Swagbucks.com to do my online searches. I randomly earn SwagBucks, and it just continues to add up. It's pretty nifty!

And if you invite your friends to join, you earn extra bucks when they earn bucks, as a little thank you from SwagBucks for spreading the word.

So, if you want to check it out, go sign up! (and I'll love you for signing up with my link ;) (P.S. you automatically get 30 swagbucks just for signing up!)


p.s. if you're a die-hard "swagger" you can earn points from doing extra things on their website like answering polls, playing games, watching little videos, and signing up for deals they offer. (For example, right now you can get 1000 swagbucks just for doing a 1-month free trial with NetFlix!.. that's enough for more than 2 $5 gift cards to Amazon :)

Oh, and you can put your Bucks toward other things too- they have a "Swag Store" with tons of options. You can even donate your swag bucks to help in Japan! Good stuff!

Last tip: download the Swagbucks toolbar. Just click on the Toolbar Button on the top menu of the Swagbucks home page and then click download. That helps you remember to search through swagbucks instead of another search engine, so you'll earn swagbucks!

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