Grandma Dress

Grandma Dress

My mom is pretty awesome in the sewing department.

She made my sister's baby's blessing dress. She made an apron for me & then later she made a matching apron for Katrina. Something else I've shared on the blog is the ZigZag girl that she made for Talia.

That's definitely not where her sewing talents end- she made little girl dresses for me when I was young, she made my prom dress, she made Talia's flowergirl dress for my SIL's wedding, and the list goes on.

Her latest creation is a dress for Talia & we're so excited about it! :) She even snuck in a little pocket and a bow on the front of the dress so that Talia could see it (my mom remembers being disappointed that she couldn't see the pretty bow at the back when she was little).

Here's Talia, checking out the twirl & posing with Grandma for a photo.

Thanks Mom, for making such a thoughtful & fabulous gift for Talia! If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be starting on my own sewing journey- I admire your talent & am so glad you're there for me when I have questions!


  1. Wow, it's stunning! Nice job Grandma! Are you adopting grandkids by chance? :)

  2. I talked to Talia about her stunning Grandma creation on Sunday. She was very proud! I liked her matching blue hair ribbon..

  3. What a beautiful dress! Your mom is definitely talented!

  4. That dress is stunning!!! I love that she put the bow in the front. Precious

  5. A gift made by a family member becomes a treasured heirloom


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