Measuring Your Hands & Feet

Measuring Your Hands & Feet

I just found this post from a year ago that never got posted:

We measured our hands & feet today. Did you know there is a whole blog dedicated to crafts with hands & feet?

First we traced Talia & Katrina's feet & hands, then Talia used a measuring tape to measure them.

She learned about:

- where to start with the measuring tape

- how to read it

- how to write some numbers

- how to write the " for inches.

She also continued after we were done by tracing her hand on the other side, colouring it in, measuring it, writing the measurement, and then suggesting that she could cut it out.

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  1. anything dealing with their little hands and feet is adorable!

    We are going to be measuring with feet this weekend in honor of Dr. Seuss' The Foot Book! Fun stuff!



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