Welcome to Summer!

Welcome to Summer!

I'm late posting this but as I went through some pictures from the beginning of the summer, I wanted to share it.

Ken, Katrina & I met Talia at her bus stop on the last day of school with helium balloons. When we got home, she found this "Welcome to Summer!" sign that Katrina & I had made for her during the day:

(They look sooo happy!)

Then we went outside and there was face painting, side walk chalk, water balloons, bubbles to blow and games to play. They had so much fun with us back there! Talia kept telling us over & over that this was "the best day EVER!" :) Now that's great feedback! :)

After all of the outside fun, we came inside and had watermelon ice cream cake for a special treat! :)

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  1. What a great idea! I love the welcome to summer celebration!


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