Jack O'lantern Cookies

Jack O'lantern Cookies

My mother-in-law bought us a pumpkin-shaped cookie cutter (which was awesome, because it made me feel like we had to make jack o'lantern cookies! ;)

We used this recipe & they really were soft!

The girls got to cut the shapes.

Bonus: This recipe doesn't have to sit in the fridge at all!

We made sure not to bake them too long.

Made some orange coloured frosting.

Got to work frosting all of those cookies (I did most of them while the girls napped, but saved enough frosting for them to each do a couple when they woke up).

Then it was time to decorate! (Katrina guided my hand because it was hard for her to squeeze)

We ended up with quite a few happy little jack o'lantern cookies!
What a fun time! :)


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  2. Looks like a very fun day. Such great memories for your kids.

  3. So cute! And this post is really making me want some cookies now!

  4. cute cookies, and the picture of the three of you together is so cute!

  5. Those are such cute cookies and an adorable picture. You have a beautiful family!


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