Sharing Time (February 2012)

Sharing Time (February 2012)

Features for the January Sharing Time were posted on Friday, February 3rd!

If you're feeling generous, I would love it if you'd go & vote for my photo in this contest! Just click this link, then click on 5 stars under my photo & you've voted! You can vote once every 24 hours! Here's the cute photo: (you want to vote for it, don't you?? ;)

Giveaways Open Now:

Halftees Giveaway (Open to All!)

Sneakpeeq Giveaway (U.S. Only)

Mary Kay Timewise Miracle Set Giveaway (Canada Only)

Giveaway Winners:
Andrea Bilec (Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara & Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover Winner)

And if you haven't visited our sponsor, barnwood4u, you ought to check them out! They have so many cool, rustic pieces made from barnwood!

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  1. Your feature post is up! :)

    Have a great weekend!!


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