Feature Friday (A Full Measure of Happiness)

Feature Friday (A Full Measure of Happiness)

1) I love peanut butter, and I love oatmeal...but I hate them in the same bowl. Yeeech.
2) I write exactly the way I think in my brain...and this often means I use way too many ellipses, dashes, parentheses, sentence fragments, and exclamation points (!). Alas.
3) I love my cat. Even though he is 95% evil, and much more loved on my blog than I am.
4) I love to dress up in heels and fancy outfits, yet I chose an occupation not at all suited to that (pediatric physical therapist).
5) I am super sensitive to bad smells. I am also not pregnant, I promise.

My blog is about healthy living and eating--every post (for the most part) includes a recipe that I have tried and deemed worthy of public consumption. The rest is a narrative of my life: the story of a girl, married to a dental student, learning how to love herself and still love food. It's a journey that involves a lot of cooking (and eating), tales of my escapades, photos of family and friends, and of course, the star of my blog: my very bad cat, Henry.

Strawberry Frozen Yogurt : you may recognize this from my header. Here's a recipe that tastes amazing and gives you some little tips on how to make a successful frozen yogurt. Plus, it's very pretty in pink.

Father's Day Memories : I often write tributes to my loved ones on their birthdays or other special occasions. It gives me a chance to really appreciate the special people in my life. The latest one has been about my dad.

Chocolate Almond Butter : Need I say more?

Banana Bread Green Monster : Green monsters are a big part of my diet--delicious, easy, nutritious, and fun to customize. If you are wary of drinking spinach, this is a great one to try first.

Popcorn Snack Bars : another seriously delicious but (relatively) healthy snack. This one was my first feature on Glamour magazine's website, which was very exciting for me, too.

Food Gawker
Instagram: @laurenzietsman

How/Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging as a creative outlet a year after I started physical therapy school (here's my first post). I've always loved to cook, and with my husband working way harder than I was (at dental school), I needed something to do with my extra time. I finally got up the guts to put myself out there, and suddenly realized--I love this!

Has your reason for blogging changed? If so, why??

As I began to blog more frequently, and to read other people's blogs, I began to develop an interest in photography. I learned a lot (and have a lot more to go), but upgraded my camera a bit, and really started to enjoy a new part of blogging that I never thought I'd have an interest in. I also started to realize that I could use my blog for good--even just for myself. I started to write more openly about how my relationship with food and my own self-esteem is not always healthy, and it definitely gave me the confidence to be more honest with myself and others. "Love yourself. Love your food." became my motto, and I feel like every blog post, even if it doesn't specifically focus on this issue, tries to promote a healthy self-image and lifestyle.

I think that blogging changed me quite a bit from a very private person to an occasional over-sharer; from an emails-and-facebook-only person to a geek messing with code; from a cautious cook to a crazed recipe experimenter and tester. It's all about learning to have balance!


Would you like to see your blog featured here? I'll be doing a "Feature Friday" post, featuring one blogger & their blog on Fridays throughout 2012. If you have a blog that you'd like to see featured, please send me an email to raisingmemories at gmail dot com to submit your blog.

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