Choose Higher Ground

Choose Higher Ground

With General Conference coming up, I have been trying to prepare my kids for the weekend. We posted pictures of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles and the 1st Presidency on our wall and have been discussing them- a little bit about each of them, like what their families are like and what their job was before. I'm hoping this will help them to get excited that they recognize them when they see them speak.

I'm so grateful to know that there is a prophet on the earth today- knowing this has had such a huge influence on my life! I have enjoyed the opportunity to review a book this month called Choose Higher Ground by Elder Henry B. Eyring (First Counselor in the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), published by Deseret Book.

This book contains a collection of memorable talks by President Eyring. Reading them has me looking forward with excitement for General Conference! I can't wait to spend a weekend listening to the talks that will be given.

Choose Higher Ground has been organized into several sections:
A Strong Foundation
Personal Growth Through Helping Others
Strength in Adversity
Power to Live a Consecrated Life
Help for the Last Days

It also has an index which is great for finding the subject matter that you're looking for (for personal interest or talk preparation).

As I was reading, one of the messages that stood out to me was in the chapter called "This Day" where he writes, "A morning prayer and an early search in the scriptures to know what we should do for the Lord can set the course of the day. We can know which task, of all those we might choose, matters most to God and therefore to us." It's crazy how we know that we should be praying and studying the scriptures, but oftentimes when I am wondering how I can improve my spirituality or get things better into perspective, the answer comes that I need to improve in or focus on these very "basic" areas.

This is a great book with so many meaningful messages in it! You can read an excerpt from the book and a little more about it (as well as purchase it) here.

I'm looking forward to General Conference and the opportunity to hear President Eyring and others speak- it's such an excellent opportunity to gain insight into how we can improve our own lives and where our focus can best be placed.


  1. Love this idea. My parents always stressed the importance of hearing the words of the prophet which, I am trying to do with my kids. An idea like this one is perfect.
    After looking through your site we are joining to see what you make next. I would love if you would link this up and some of your other parenting ideas to:

  2. That sounds like a very powerful topic! Very interesting indeed!

    I'm looking forward to hearing what you take from the different speakers and their messages! :-)


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