An Uncommon Life: Years of Preparation (L. Tom Perry)

An Uncommon Life: Years of Preparation (L. Tom Perry)

Today I want to share a new book called L. Tom Perry ~ An Uncommon Life: Years of Preparation by Lee Tom Perry (written about his Father, Elder L. Tom Perry's life), and published by Deseret Book.

This book is the first volume in a set of two- it covers the first part of L. Tom Perry's life, up until the time that he was called to serve as a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.
I am looking forward to the second book!

The book is called "An Uncommon Life". When you start to read the book, you find out that Elder Perry often comments that he is, "as common as dirt." It really made me look at the book (and his life) from a different perspective. It is so interesting to read the story of the life of a person like this, who we sometimes think of as "above us". It's such a reminder that even the leaders of the church, though of course called of God, are "normal" people.. they live normal lives, and they go through the same sorts of experiences that the rest of us do!

The book begins with stories of Elder Perry's ancestors and moves through to his parents, and his birth and on through his life, with story after story as well as notes from letters between different family members from various stages of life.

One of my favourite stories shared in the book was one from when Elder Perry was a young boy. It tells of a job that his father gave him involving straightening out used nails (this story is also shared in a talk given by Elder Perry, recorded here.) I found this story interesting, as a parent. I am always paying attention to the different ways that parents teach their children lessons. I am also interested when I hear stories from the past, that teach me how much my children could be doing (that they are not doing) at their current ages. (The story about the nails was from when Elder Perry was Talia's age, so it really had me thinking :)

The book includes a section of pages containing pictures (I always love the chance to sort of get a peek into someone's family photo album)

I also enjoyed reading about the early stages of the Perrys' marriage, and Elder Perry's different jobs. I felt like I was learning right along with them, learning from their experience, and taking note for my own future, of the importance of keeping things (work, family, church, etc.) balanced in life.

You can read an excerpt from the book as well as reviews, or purchase the book at Deseret Book online.

Disclosure: I received An Uncommon Life free of charge from Deseret Book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed here are my very own.

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