An Update & YouTubers

An Update & YouTubers

I just felt like checking in a little on the blog, to say how things have been around here lately.  It's been a few weeks since I last did that here.

That Katrina girl :)  (I wouldn't want to leave a post photo-less!)

I mentioned in a previous post that Katrina had pneumonia.  We went back to the doctor two weeks after our first visit, to make sure that it was gone and she is fine.  Sort of.  The pneumonia is gone, but she's got something new- just cold type symptoms- enough for us to keep her home so she doesn't give it to other kids, but not enough for her to slow down much ;)  Talia has probably the same thing and has missed a couple of days of school.  Today was a day off of school for them anyway, so they didn't miss anything. To top it all off, Ken woke up a couple of days ago feeling pretty terrible and I'm sick too!

So, today was a stay-at-home and take-it-easy type of day.  Ken is plugging away trying to finish his PhD, so he works at home on his computer in the basement (poor guy is so sick but still working hard).  I feel like even though we were all sick, it was such a nice day!  The girls and I read books together, we did a little craft (I'll share it on the blog later), they watched a couple of movies that I picked up at the library yesterday (Christmas movies! :) and it was just really nice! I feel like we had a lovely stay-at-home Saturday and we get to do it all over again tomorrow! (Now, if we could all just feel a little better!)

I'm starting to really get into a Christmas-y mood and can't wait to pull out the decorations!  I do have a little munchkin with a birthday before Christmas though, so we're in talks with her about celebratory plans this year and it's all still to-be-determined ;)  I probably won't post much from that on the blog until the new year I'm guessing, because I've got Christmas things to share!  I can't wait! :)

Oh, and our Anniversary is coming up at the end of this month.. no idea what we'll do to celebrate that, but it will have been 11 years!  Crazy!


So... I'm in a chatty mood and Ken's busy working, so this is turning into a "type-y" mood ;)  So, a few months ago I discovered YouTube. Well, I knew about YouTube, but I didn't fully realize what was on there!  I found out that there are vloggers who vlog every day of their lives and there are vloggers who give all kinds of organizing tips and vloggers who do hilarious lip-syncing to what their kids say, and this goes on and on!   Do you have YouTube channels that you subscribe to? 

I have a few that I like to keep an eye on now (after I was sick for several weeks in September, I started searching YouTube for entertainment & the result is that my list has grown).. here are mine in order of discovery: Bored ShortsTV (hilarious- I've known about this one for a while), OrganizedLikeJen (I like some of her organizing videos from earlier on, but lately she's done a lot about packing for travelling and planners, which I'm less interested in), The Shaytards (a daily vlogging family and once you get to "know" them it's hard to stop watching!), The Mom's View (the mom from Shaytards and some other "YouTuber-Moms" do this little show where they chat about "Mom" issues and I usually really like it), WhatsUpElle (quite a few hilarious & impressive videos but now she has started a channel with a few other ladies called WhatsUpMoms, and her newer videos are on there), Ellie and Jared (just discovered them, watched a few videos and although I'm resisting subscribing, I can't help but keep watching them!)... if you like to watch YouTube, what are your favourite types of videos to watch?  

Alright, I'm getting a headache & I just remembered there are raspberries in the fridge, so I'm off to get a snack & a big glass of water! :)

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  1. Oh dear! I hope you all get better soon! Poor Talia! My husband is also in his last year of PhD, so I feel for you. Looking forward to the Christmas posts!

    1. Thanks Alexia! The "last year" has lasted 2 years for us, so we are really excited to be close to the end! ;)

  2. Right now YouTube is used exclusively for playing the video game music my son has become obsessed with.

    Maybe I should check it out for mommy-entertainment too.

    1. haha :) Well, beware that once you find a good channel you might get a little addicted! ;)

  3. I hope you all feel better soon! YouTube is great for when you are not feeling the best! #ibabloggers


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