Fridge Organization for School Lunch-Making with Frigidaire Gallery Custom-Flex & A Giveaway!

Fridge Organization for School Lunch-Making with Frigidaire Gallery Custom-Flex & A Giveaway!

I've been working on organizing my whole house (it seems to be an ongoing project that never really ends).  I wrote last month about how I've organized my container cupboard so that it actually stays organized and today I wanted to share a little about how I've organized my fridge to make school lunch-making easier.

Organization Tip:

As I continue to find better ways to organize areas of my house, I'm finding it helpful to think about:

- When I use things
- Where I am when I use them
- Which things I use together  

This helps me to figure out the best places to keep things. 

How My Fridge Used to Be:

I used to keep cheese-strings in a crisper drawer, cream cheese in the dairy bin on my fridge door, mayonnaise in the bottom section of my fridge door (depending on the size & shape of the container- sometimes it would have to go in the main area of the fridge), and the jams also had to go either in the door or on a shelf in the main area of the fridge, depending on packaging.  This meant that I would be reaching all over the fridge when I needed to make lunches and sometimes searching through the fridge and behind things, trying to remember where I stashed the mayo., or whether we even had any jam left!

It was a problem I didn't think was really solve-able until we got the opportunity to test out the new Frigidaire Gallery Custom-Flex™ Top Freezer Refrigerator as one of Frigidaire's #TestDriveMoms and I started to play with all of my options! The fridge is totally customizable with a bunch of different bin sizes and types that can be easily rearranged and switched out.  

How My Fridge Is Now:

As I started to play with the arrangement, I also started to ask myself about those 3 things I mentioned above. I'm so happy with the new arrangement!

This is the fridge door organization we have going on right now:

I've arranged the bins that I want to keep school lunch "supplies" in, at the top of the fridge door for easy access.  I love this!  I've got cream cheeses, jams, and mayonnaise ready to grab for sandwiches (or for putting together egg salad or tuna).  And I am kind of in love with using the mini bin for cheese-strings!  It took out the step of pulling open that silly crisper drawer and rifling through it to find cheese-strings (not what a crisper drawer is for ;) and that is one small thing that makes lunch-making easier and happier for me!

With all of the different bin types and how easy they are to move around on the door, I've been having fun organizing this fridge! You can see videos and learn more about the different bins available on the Custom-Flex™ website.

I'll share more with you about it later, but now I want to tell you about an awesome giveaway! Frigidaire® wants to know how you would personalize your own refrigerator doors- which bins would be your must-haves?

They're giving you a chance to win your very own Frigidaire Gallery® Custom-Flex™ Refrigerator!  

Disclosure: I am part of the Frigidaire® Canada Ambassador program with Influence Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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  1. Your organization tips couldn't have come at a better time. I always like to re-org after my big grocery haul for the month as it always ends up a mess by a couple weeks. Great tips!

  2. I really like what you did with the snacks. Having everything handy and where you're not digging around makes it so much easier.

  3. This post just made me realize that I need a new fridge! 1 I hate making school lunches and 2) My fridge doesn't look near as organized or nice as yours!

  4. My fridge looks nothing like yours, it is a! Love the organization ideas and even though I am past making school lunches, it would be amazing if I could get my fridge more organized!

    1. I know what you mean! My fridge doesn't always look neat, but I have had this fridge for about 2 months now and the door STILL looks really organized- it's a great system!

  5. That mini bin is so awesome! Because I always find the cheese strings all over the fridge. Organizing and grouping food products is essential. Also means no waste! We have a general organization to our fridge but nothing like this! This is awesome!

  6. Wow, Your fridge is well organized. Mine one is a mess... lol

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