Travelling to Ottawa with Kids - Canadian Museum of History

Travelling to Ottawa with Kids - Canadian Museum of History

When I was in high school, my History class went on a trip to Ottawa.  I have photos from that trip and memories from some of the places that we visited while there. One thing that I remember taking a photo of was the ceiling in a museum. I could remember what it looked like, but I didn't remember which museum it was. When we returned to Ottawa as a family and were walking through the Canadian Museum of History, I looked up and saw that ceiling!  Here's Katrina's face when she saw it :)

I love the ability to re-experience something through the eyes of my children!  What I was too old to experience then (I'm not sure if it was there then or not!) but was able to experience this time with my kids, was a very cool Children's Museum within the museum!

Upon entering the children's museum area, the kids are given a passport that they can take with them and experience different places.  When they complete the task from an area, they can stamp their passport.  There were so many fun things to see that we didn't even have time to check them all out!

Technically, this museum is not in Ottawa- it's in Gatineau, Quebec- directly across the Ottawa River from Parliament Hill in Ottawa. We're used to seeing both French and English on signs, labels, etc. but it was new to have French be the first language presented. I loved that learning experience for the girls while we were in Quebec- not just for this visit to the museum, but for the couple of days that we spent in Montreal as well.

Below are photos from the theatre where they could dress up and perform on stage!  There were many other opportunities to role play- from a boat to a pyramid to a construction site and different shops. They could dress up and pretend to be so many different things and learn a lot just by doing.

Below you can see the street signs that were posted throughout the area, directing you.  Also, a shot of Katrina stamping her passport and a close-up of a page of it.

When we went to the "Studio" we were able to do a little art project. The girls made these little lanterns and we brought them home with us. :)

They're still sitting on a dresser in their bedroom with little battery-run candles in them.

The Children's museum area was quite large so we were able to spend quite a lot of time there, exploring and trying different things. I don't know if we even experienced half of it!

We did pull ourselves away though, so that we could check out the Terry Fox exhibit that they have there until January 3rd.  The girls have learned about Terry Fox in school so it was really nice to be able to visit this exhibit.

We also visited some exhibitions on Canada's First Peoples which were really well done. I don't have photos to show you because the area we explored was pretty dark (part of the effect) but it was really interesting and a very cool experience to walk through that area.

If you're visiting Ottawa with your kids and wondering which places to visit, I would definitely recommend the Canadian Museum of History- particularly for their Children's Museum- it was very good!

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Disclosure: We received complimentary passes to visit this museum. All opinions are our own.

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  1. I am originally from Ottawa and I have always loved the Museum of Histery. I never been to their Children's Museum though .

    Great post :)

  2. Oh my this looks like so much fun! The little ones in our family just love going to children's museums and I adore watching the looks of wonder on their faces and all the fun they have trying everything out. Adding this to my must visit list.

  3. Ottawa is a city that we have not taken our daughter yet and as I read this post, I'm wondering why! It looks like there are so many fun, family friendly things to do!

    1. There really are! I have more that I haven't yet posted about, but will soon! :)

  4. It looks like your family really made memories. I have been to the museums in Ottawa, I live very close, but I have never been to the Children's museum. I will look into it and take my daughter, she would enjoy it so much, thank you!

    1. You're very welcome! It is definitely worth visiting with young kids- so much fun and so much to learn!

  5. I actually did not know that the Canadian Museum of History had a children's museum...that's awesome. Noting this for another time. On a side note because I am sharing love today I just want to say that your photographs are spectacular and that I enjoy how bright and cheery your blog is. It makes me smile!

  6. Loved reading this post and seeing your photos, Heather! Looks like the kids had a great time. I adore this museum, it has been a favourite place of mine for years. Love the part about the ceiling! It's so beautiful. I took a photo of it last time I was there also. You captured your daughter's amazement beautifully!

  7. What an awesomely interactive museum! I haven't been to Ottawa in years, but my nephew goes at least once a year to visit family there. I'm sending this post to SIL, and maybe they'll go next time they're in town.

  8. I've never been to Ottawa but I hope to visit some day! It looks like a beautiful city and it sounds like there is lots to do!

  9. Saved as a favorite, I like your web site!

  10. I've never been to Ottawa but I hope to visit some day! It looks like a beautiful city and it sounds like there is lots to do!


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