8 Day Easter Week Advent & Printables

8 Day Easter Week Advent & Printables

I love to find fun ways to teach my kids about the real meaning behind our holidays and today's Easter Week Advent printables do that! Mandy from Sugarbee Crafts has come up with this Easter Advent with daily activities for your family from the Sunday before Easter until Easter Sunday.  She also created some free printables to go with it (which you can find below).

Real Meaning of Easter Advent Activities

Here are the supplies you'll need:

- 8 plastic eggs
- Number stickers or a sharpie to label your eggs
- Twine, a branch, and a vase or other container (if you want to hang the eggs)
- paper, a printer, and the free download below :)

Easter Week Advent & Printables

Activities range from journaling as a family to watching an online video to baking treats and delivering them to a neighbour. It is focused on learning more about Jesus and His teachings and the events that led up to Easter Sunday.

One of my favourite activities included is instructions for making "Resurrection Rolls". For these you'll need:


- large marshmallows
- crescent roll dough
- butter
- cinnamon & sugar

The idea is to wrap the marshmallow up with the dough and after baking it, the roll will be empty inside (representing the empty tomb).  All of the details are in the set of printables at the bottom of this post!

You'll find everything you need for your Easter Advent Week in the download below. Simply print out the advent, cut the strips apart, fold them up and put them in the coordinating numbered eggs.

There are also cute quote printables, journaling pages, and more!

Click Here to download a copy to print for yourself! :)

Find more Easter Printables Here:

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  1. Thanks,i really love the thought you put into this post Easter is not all about cand

  2. Thanks,i really love the thought you put into this post Easter is not all about chocolate and candy

  3. Never have done an Easter advent.....just might have to try this out!

    1. I hope you did! It's a fun one (even if you don't use all of the ideas!) :)

  4. Those crescent rolls look amazing! Great post, thanks!

  5. We started ours last night. We watched the Bible videos to go with the chronology activity. I love how simple and meaningful the activities are in this advent!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing Mandy's kit! I'm thrilled to see her hard work appreciated. Great job!

    1. Of course! It's such a great group of ideas & I'm happy to share them!

  7. This is great because I've seen similar things like this but always in stores but I love how you made this and it's not really difficult

  8. I like your idea with the plastic eggs! So smart!

  9. So many good ideas! Thanks for putting it together

  10. Wow. It's been a hot minute since we've had those plastic eggs in our house. What a great idea to use them as an advent!

  11. I'm so behind in getting ready for Easter this year. Definitely need to try the resurrection rolls.


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