General Conference Topic Summary Wall

General Conference Topic Summary Wall

Twice a year, our church holds a general conference meeting. We listen to talks given by church leaders that give guidance and inspiration. Like many inspirational events, it's easy to come away from Conference weekend feeling motivated and inspired (but to have that motivation fade with time). I want to teach my children (by both example and experience) that we listen to conference because we want to learn and that once we learn, it is important to apply what we have learned.

I came up with an idea this time that I'm excited about because I think it's working really well for us:

I had the idea to make a General Conference Wall before last conference but it required a bit of preparation; the photos didn't arrive in time and I wasn't as prepared so it didn't come together. I'm so happy with the way it has worked this time that I wanted to share it here in case it inspires someone else to find a way to help their family.

The conference takes place in Utah, but it is broadcast and shown on screens at chapels all over the world as well as online. As a family, we watch conference at home. In past years, we have printed the Conference Squares game for the girls. They have some candies and they place a candy on the bingo sheet as they're listening. This was great when they were small because it kept them listening and aware of what topics were touched on in the talks.

This year, I printed some note taking pages for the girls and they took notes for the talks given by the prophet, his counselors, and the 12 apostles.  They took notes for some of the other leaders and played Conference Squares during others.

After each session (there are four sessions: two on Saturday, and two on Sunday) we shared our notes with each other and came up with a very short summary for each prophet or apostle's talk and wrote them down on a Topics Page that I printed before Conference.

After the girls went to school during the week, I cut some construction paper pages in half and wrote the topic for each talk on the pieces of paper. I had ordered photos of the first presidency & quorum of the 12 apostles and with some painter's tape, I hung them on the wall in our hallway between bedrooms.

My hope is that the wall will help us to remember what we learned and to keep it on our minds throughout the next 6 months until the next conference. It has already helped me a lot, to remember what was said and makes it easier to think about how to apply the things we learned.

Now I'm curious, if you're reading this, are you a member of my church?  
If you're not, do you know much about it or have any questions for me about it? 
I sometimes wonder how many people reading share my faith and if they don't, what do they think of it or know about it.

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  1. I love this! I was thinking of doing the topic page, but I love how big this is. Great idea, I think I'll copy it. ;)

  2. What a good idea to help everyone focus. No I'm not a member of your church, I believe that everyone has the right to worship how ever they want to, the freedom of religion is important in this day and age.


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