Katrina's Baptism Photos

Katrina's Baptism Photos

Katrina turned 8 years old a few months ago which meant that a very special milestone was approaching for her: she would be baptized! I've written in more detail about baptism in our church (why we wait until age 8, baptism by immersion, etc.) in a past post about Talia's baptism. If you aren't familiar with our beliefs, you might like to check it out. In today's post I want to share some photos of Katrina in her baptism dress.

Just like we did with Talia, we took photos earlier in the year (because our girls have cold weather birthdays) so she wouldn't be miserable getting some outdoor photos! I love this portrait of her, shown below, (it reminds me how important it is to get out and get some good quality portraits of my kids at LEAST once a year, so that I can look back on these years this way).

We went to a local farm in the Fall, to get these photos (hence the hay bales in the background). You might recognize the dress (it's the same one that Talia wore for her baptism). We bought a sleeveless dress and my mom created and added the sleeves.

If you saw the post with photos of Talia for her baptism, then the photo below will look familiar. I wanted to recreate it because of that special rainbow song about baptism (you can see the lyrics in this post). This song is Katrina's most requested bedtime song. :)

Now, here's a little behind-the-scenes look at the baptism photo shoot process. We went into a field of tall grass for some of the photos and had to get through some muck a few times. Katrina was wearing white dress shoes, so Ken was her mode of transportation. :)  I love these shots, too!

I'm a bit behind on sharing about this, but there's another post coming with details about her baptism day. Just as I mentioned with my post about Talia's baptism, this blog doesn't really focus on our religion but it does come up every now and then. If you have any questions about what we believe or our religion, I'm always happy to answer them, so feel free to ask!

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  1. These are great photos and I am so impressed with the addition of sleeves to the dress. Congratulations to Katrina on her baptism. Also I love that you thought ahead regardless of the cold weather birthdays. That is smart!

    1. Thank you Paula! I'm so happy to have a mom (& mother-in-law) who can sew!

  2. Beautiful pictures. Congratulations.

  3. She is so cute and is this your photography?? Well its awesome man :)

  4. Great photos, sewing is an important craft that unfortunately is going out of fashion due to time pressures. My mother taught me but we did also learn at school, I'm not even sure that children get that chance these days which is sad.

  5. Debbie White BeattieNovember 3, 2017 at 11:18 PM

    You took some great pictures and your daughter looks beautiful. I bet it was a special day for her.

  6. Your little girl is so beautiful and your mom did a great job of her dress.Pictures really are worth a thousand words.Yours are lovely!

  7. Such beautiful photos! It is so wonderful you are able to capture your family's special moments!

  8. Very beautiful girl and wonderful pictures.

  9. Your photos are beautiful, and I do love the symbolism of the rainbow.


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