Katrina's Baptism

Katrina's Baptism

Katrina's 8th birthday was several months ago, but I want to get her baptism day documented, so this post is late but I needed to get it published. You might remember that I shared photos from Katrina's Baptism Photo Session and in that post, I said that a post about the baptism day was coming. Well, here it finally is!  I also mentioned in that post that I explained a little about what baptism in our church is like, in a post about Talia's Baptism Pictures (so if you're wondering why our kids are getting baptized at age 8, or have any other questions, you can check that post out).

Here's a photo of Katrina in the bathroom, all ready for her special day. She wore the same dress that Talia wore when she was baptized. Talia's shoes from her baptism weren't the right size for Katrina though, so she ended up wearing silver shoes instead- we didn't have time to go out and find white ones!

Ken and I were each baptized by our fathers when we were 8 years old, so this photo of Katrina with her dad, all dressed in white, is a special way to remember this day.

We got this photo of our family together before the guests arrived. I can't believe how tall Talia is getting! I love how pleased Katrina looks. :)

When I planned for Katrina's baptism, I stayed close to what we did for Talia's because I remember feeling that everything went so well! We had a little meeting in the chapel with friends and family. During the service, we had some of Katrina's family participate (giving prayers and talks, and her Sunday School teachers played the piano and conducted the music. Our family sang a song for a special musical number and afterward, we all gathered in another room for refreshments and visiting.

At the back of the chapel as people entered the room, there was a table with programs, a photo of Katrina in her baptism dress, and a guestbook. If you're LDS and interested in baptism guestbooks, I did an LDS Baptism Book Roundup when Talia was baptized that you might like to look at.

For the refreshments, I made cupcakes and found some cute little printable cupcake toppers that said "8 is Great!" and "CTR" (Choose the Right) and had white dresses on them.

The cupcakes were rainbow inside, to go along with the rainbow song (which I have mentioned in the baptism photo session posts, and is also the song that our family sang). 

Ken's mom made these beautiful cookies:

Something I learned after Talia's baptism was not to worry too much about how things went with getting the food ready. I just let it happen and it turned out great in the end (and of course, it wasn't the important part of the day).

This was a very special day for Katrina and I hope she'll be able to look back on it with fond memories. I remember feeling a lot of love from the people who attended, and so grateful for good family and friends who love and support us.

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  1. awe how beautiful!!!! Katrina looked like such an angel, the picture of your family is perfection and those cookies & cupcakes looked so scrumptious. What a wonderful day

  2. Lovely family photo on Katrina special day, I'm sure she'll have fond memories of the day and the beautiful cupcakes. :-)

  3. Debbie White BeattieNovember 7, 2017 at 11:09 PM

    Everything looks beautiful especially your daughters and I love how your husband wore white.


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