1st Week of February Journal

1st Week of February Journal

Our first week of February was a good one. We were quite busy, but it was with lots of good things.  I'm glad I'm doing this journal on the blog because I'll have all of it documented and because I've been a bit better about getting photos of things, for this purpose. I think the 2nd week of February is going to be pretty busy with trip prep. and getting things wrapped up for the blog before our trip, so we don't really have any events planned. I can't wait for the last 2 weeks of the month!

February 4th

Today was Talia's first day in Young Women at church. She went to Primary (for kids up to age 11) as usual and the Young Women (girls aged 12-17) came to "steal her away". The Primary kids & Young Women all sang a happy birthday song and the YW gave her a bouquet of flowers and a little Beehive mug gift (the classes in Young Women have names and the class she's entering is called Beehives). I'm so glad she has a good group of girls and leaders to welcome her into YW!

February 5th & 6th

Ken & I went away to Ste. Anne's Spa and I got to celebrate my birthday while we were there. The girls stayed home with Gummy & Poppy (Ken's parents) and went to school. I will share lots more about our trip to the spa in a post coming up on the blog, but to sum it up, we had fun outside in the snow (first time snowshoeing!) and relaxing inside the spa and eating great food! On our way home, we made a quick stop at Toronto's new Cheesecake Factory to get some cheesecake to-go, in honour of my birthday!

February 7th

A busy day of catch-up on real life, followed by Talia's first trip to the temple! It was so nice to be there with her, and to have her grandparents there at the temple as well. Katrina hasn't been feeling well this week, and thankfully Aunt Betsy was willing to babysit her germs & all so that we could both be at the temple with Talia.

February 8th

Katrina was home from school again (the recovery for this illness is slow moving! She'll seem okay one moment, and the next she is conked out, sleeping!) I read a chapter of a book to her, she helped me match socks, and watched a movie. She also played in her room and had a nap. We found her like this:

I spent much of the day doing laundry and putting away laundry and then we took the girls to Build-A-Bear for Valetine's Day! When we got home, I went walking at the indoor track again with Betsy.

February 9th

It was a blogging day (and Katrina stayed home again!). She wrote a letter to Build-A-Bear (totally her idea) that gave me a good glimpse into the pretend play that was going on in her room, with her bear. :) We probably could have sent her to school, but she still has a rough cough and needed another nap. Guess how we found her during this nap?

In the evening Talia & Ken went to a Valentines dance at the church. Katrina & I stayed home and read together, watched a movie, and shared a snack. She was sad to miss the party, but we need to get this girl better! At the dance, Ken set up & kept the chocolate fountain running and Talia helped make balloon animals for the kids. It looked like a fun time! (with very pink lighting! ;)

February 10th

A regular Saturday (which means a slow morning followed by Saturday jobs). The girls made pancakes for breakfast & we listened to the Olympics while tidying up.  In the afternoon, Talia headed off to her last Beauty & the Beast practice (a long 7-hour rehearsal).

In the evening, I went out with a couple of friends to celebrate my birthday. We planned it as a night for 4, but one friend had to drop out because of sickness. We had a nice dinner and dessert with the 3 of us and then one more had to go home, and we were down to just me and my sister-in-law. We came back to my house and painted our nails and chatted for a while. :)

February 11th

I stayed home from church with Katrina. I think she's fine now, but after one last day of rest, we can be sure! We had fun hanging out together, resting and chatting. I told her about our experience at the spa (and then she wanted a massage). haha  After Ken & Talia got home, we had lunch and birthday cake for me (a few days late). Katrina wrote on my cake for me, and I loved seeing what she did. :) If you look back on the post from Talia's birthday, you'll see how she did the same thing with the border that I did on Talia's cake- I think it's so cute that she remembered that & tried it herself. :)

Then we sat down to plan our Disney trip a bit and I started going through the summer clothes to make sure the girls have what they need. Now I need to figure out what I'm going to wear and whether we need to buy anything in preparation! It's time to get excited! :)

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  1. You guys are totally glowing in the temple picture. Such a great week and I was happy I could be a part of it. Thumbs up to Katrina's cake decoration!

  2. Sounds like a fun week--love that bee mug!

  3. I seriously love the fact that you do a weekly summary! This will be so amazing for your kids to look back on (and for your memory). How fun that you went to St. Anne's spa - I love it there and I need to go back soon. Sounds like a great birthday week. xo

    1. Thanks Maya! :) It is wonderful at Ste. Anne's. I wish I could go more often!

  4. Sounds like quite the busy week! Hope Katrina is feeling better soon! :)


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