Raising Memories: Easy Fruit And Yogurt Parfait (Healthy Eating On The Go!)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Easy Fruit And Yogurt Parfait (Healthy Eating On The Go!)

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In 2014, my husband and oldest daughter have decided to try to go a year without eating sugary treats! Talia is not eating candy or cake/cookies on regular days but she will eat cake on special occasions- there are a few exceptions. Ken is really trying to stick with it for every day. This is a great goal and I'm impressed with them for sticking with it so far! It's helping me to think about being more healthy as well, as I try to cater to their choices.

Like many families with young children, we are busy! I am usually trying to think of snacks and meals that can be made quickly! One healthy treat that we love to make at our house is a Fruit and Yogurt Parfait!
It only takes a few ingredients and is very easy and quick to make.

Healthy Eating On The Go #CollectiveBias #Shop

 - berries
- yogurt
- granola

That's it!

Healthy Eating On The Go #CollectiveBias #Shop

I found my ingredients at The Real Canadian Superstore- I compared nutritional info on their Blue Menu Granola to another brand of granola and saw that this stuff is definitely lower in fat. With Ken & Talia's goal, they're okay with naturally occurring sugar and things like yogurt (even if technically there is some sugar added)- we're mostly worried about candy & baked sugary treats.

Healthy Eating On The Go #CollectiveBias #Shop

Start with yogurt and add granola.

Healthy Eating On The Go #CollectiveBias #Shop

Then sprinkle some fruit on top (we love berries around here,
but go with whatever you like and have on hand!)

Healthy Eating On The Go #CollectiveBias #Shop

Doesn't that look delicious? :)

Healthy Eating On The Go #CollectiveBias #Shop

These are a favourite around here - my kids get just as excited about these as they do about other treats that aren't as good for them!

Healthy Eating On The Go #CollectiveBias #Shop

If we're in even more of a hurry, we LOVE these yogurt bars! (It's like a pre made smoothie on a stick ;)

Healthy Eating On The Go #CollectiveBias #Shop

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  1. Love granola and yogurt! Such a great breakfast dish!

  2. Mmmmm this looks so delicious! Quick and easy way to make it seem really special. #client


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