Come Alive (A CD from Mercy River)

Come Alive (A CD from Mercy River)

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I first heard Mercy River at a Time Out For Women conference that took place in Toronto years ago. It was fun to "meet" the girls (Brooke, Soni, & Whitney) while listening to them sing and talk. A little after TOFW, I was riding in a friend's car and she had their CD, Beautiful Dawn, playing in her car. She told me that she listens to it ALL THE TIME in her car. She had to run in and have a pedicure fixed and I sat in the car waiting for her (while listening to Mercy River) and by the time her chipped polish was fixed, I was hooked on Mercy River and knew I needed to buy that CD!

When their CD, Higher, came out, I hurried to get it as well. (I have to take these CDs out of my car's CD player eventually though because my husband gets tired of listening to the same CD for so long ;) Well, he's in for a new set of songs now, because I just got Mercy River's newest CD, Come Alive, from Shadow Mountain Records. I'm excited to share a bit about it with you!

When I get a new CD, I like to get out the lyrics and sit down with them to read while I listen to the songs. It helps me get to know the songs better. So I was disappointed to find that lyrics weren't included with this CD and I could not find them online. I did find lyrics to one song that I will share with you, but for the rest I had to just listen (I'm sure they'll pop up online eventually after the CD has been out for a while).

Some of my favourite songs from this CD are "How Deep the Father's Love For Us" (this song has beautiful harmonies and I just love listening to it- it's so calming. "Walk You Through the Night" is a sweet song about parenting. It's sung from the perspective of a mother of a baby and she talks about her hopes for her child, about how she may have to guess about what is best to do as a mother in the future, but she will love that baby and she will walk with him/her through the night. I love the sound of the song "Restless", and their upbeat version of "Walking on Sunshine". And lastly, I wanted to share with you the song that I found some lyrics for: "Reason for the World". It has a beautiful chorus:

Maybe the reason for the pain
Is so that we would pray for strength
And maybe the reason for the strength
Is so that we would not lose hope
And maybe the reason for all hope
Is so that we could face the world
And the reason for the world
Is to make us long for home

and then (I'll skip ahead to some favourite verses), it says:

I know you're past the point of broken
Surrounded by your fear
I know you're faint and tired and lonely
From the road that you walk down here
But just keep your eyes on heaven
And know that you are not alone
Remember the reason for the world

No ear has heard
No eye has seen
Not even in your wildest dreams
The beauty that awaits beyond this world
When you look into the eyes of grace
And hear the voice of mercy say
Child, welcome to the reason for the world

I love the message of that song!

Alright, that's all I'm going to tell you about this CD- you'll have to go download it or buy the CD now, to listen to more ;)

But I DO want to tell you a bit about the cute girls behind Mercy River, and before I share a blurb about them, check out this little clip from a Time Out For Women conference (see, they're moms just like us!! :)

About Mercy River

With 13 children between them, it’s amazing that Whitney Permann, Brooke Stone, and Soni Muller have time for anything other than runny noses, sock hunts, and prying suckers off the van floor. But music has been a part of each of their lives since childhood, and is now a strong presence in their homes.

The three friends met while singing in the Jenny Phillips Choir and there found a common love for tight harmonies and sharing the gospel through song. Over the past five years, Mercy River has traveled all over the United States and Canada as a highly sought after ensemble, performing for thousands of people while testifying of the Savior. Each member of the group brings several years of experience performing, writing, and directing hundreds of firesides and concerts—as well as recording on dozens of inspirational albums.

Their self-titled debut album was released in May 2008. “Beautiful Dawn,” was released in March of 2010. Their third album, “Higher” was released with rave reviews in February 2012. Mercy River is back with mesmerizing harmonies and upbeat vocal arrangements in “Come Alive”.

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