Monday Moments (Sew Butt On)

Monday Moments (Sew Butt On)

Katrina's pajama top lost a button.
She wanted me to remember to sew it back on, so she decided to write me a note.
From her room, she called out to me and asked how to spell "Sew Button".
I called out "S-E-W... that's the word sew. Then button is B-U... T-T... O-N and that's it."

Well, you know how kids are when they write words, right? It really doesn't matter if they've got room for the whole word on one line, they'll just continue the word on the next line.

Which is what she did:

So you can imagine when I saw the note, I knew exactly what it said & didn't give it a second thought.
But when Ken saw the note, he was like, "What?" ... "Sew Butt On?"

hahaha :)

Living with kids is so fun and so entertaining :)

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  1. Love it! This definitely needs to be filed away in a scrapbook and brought back out when she's about 17. :)

  2. A detached butt is no laughing matter.


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