An Upside Down Piano Trick

An Upside Down Piano Trick

I have a little piano player who was very excited to show me her new trick!

I thought she had just been practicing normally in the other room,
so I was in for a surprise when I came in and saw this:

I was pretty impressed that she figured this out on her own, with no help!

She once pretended to do this just like John Schmidt, having seen this album sitting around:

...and was evidently re-inspired when her cousin played the piano like that at a family gathering at Christmastime :)

I am grateful for such a cool extended family with talented kids who inspire my kids to spend time doing cool things like this :) AND I am grateful for such a cold day yesterday that school was cancelled so my kids had time to spend doing things like this... grateful that they spent their time doing this instead of watching movies or playing computer games (I turned the computer off for most of the day).

...wasn't so sure I was happy about that choice when I tried to turn the computer back on and it wouldn't! Thankfully my husband saved the day- opened the computer up, took the graphics card out, cleaned it up or something, re-installed it and the computer worked again- hurray!

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