Thursday Thoughts: Renewed Resolution

Thursday Thoughts: Renewed Resolution

I've kept my goal in mind this week but I haven't been totally successful.  There have been good days and not-so-good days.  I had the girls home on Tuesday because school was cancelled.  That was a good day- I turned the computer off and there were no movies or computer games.  Creative things occurred :)

Yesterday both girls were off to school again and that was the not-so-good day.  Somewhere in the back of my head I was telling myself that it didn't matter if I totally stuck to my time limit because the girls weren't home.  So I did some work on the computer then I did some work around the house and then I went back to the computer and alternated like that throughout the day. Looking back I realize that I still should've stuck to my goal because then I would've had time to work on projects that I didn't have time for last year (like catching up on our yearly photo yearbook).

After the kids went to bed I read about some SEO stuff and started experimenting with it.  Then I started creating a post of a collection of cute Valentine Card Printables and other Valentine Printables.  That took a while (longer than expected) and when I was finished I was kinda worn out.  When I went upstairs to bed, I felt too tired to do the reading Ken & I have started together and just felt drained.  Evidently the roundup post wasn't the best use of my time.

So, instead of saying to myself "Okay. Resolution FAIL.  Back to normal." I'm taking this as a slow start. I've renewed my efforts.  This morning I'm giving myself one hour to write this blog and check email & what not.  Then I'm turning the computer off for the rest of the day.  Katrina doesn't have school today, so she's having some "Play Doh Time" right now and then we'll do things together.  I'll have to check in again next week to report on how it's going.

I debated whether or not to even post that Valentine Printable Roundup, but then I thought I'd go ahead with it since it is a collection of some really cute printables.  And I spent the time on it- why not share it with you?  Maybe it'll save you the time Google-ing and Pinterest-ing the topic ;)  I'll put that up tomorrow.

For now, I'm turning the computer off so I can focus on "Raising Memories" which, after all, is the whole reason I started this blog.  I'll be spending my hours with this awesome little munchkin- hope you get a chance in this day to do the same with your kids!

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