How To Gift A Surprise Trip to Disney On Ice

How To Gift A Surprise Trip to Disney On Ice

We wanted to give our kids mostly "experience" gifts for Christmas this year. 
 We weren't anti-toy, but we were definitely trying to think of other options.

We get a couple of TeamBuy/Groupon types of emails sent to us and when Ken saw a special deal for a local production of Disney On Ice, we decided that would be our main gift to the girls. As soon as we purchased the tickets, I felt like a kid on Christmas! I couldn't wait to tell the girls!

As Christmas day approached, we knew we wanted to think of a creative way to surprise the girls and let them know that we would be going to Disney On Ice, and we wanted them to be able to actually open something.

So, here's what we came up with:

They opened a regular clothing box...

How to Surprise Your Kids With Disney On Ice Tickets by

...and found this note inside:

Fun Disney On Ice Surprise Gift by

Under the note they each had a princess dress & a crown (these were dress up costumes we already had, but you could surprise your kids with new ones if you wanted) to wear to the show! 
 (Did you know a lot of kids dress up as their favourite princess when they go to these things?)

Surprise Gift Tickets to Disney On Ice

At the bottom of the box the girls each found a glow-crown and a glow stick wand to take with them to the show. These were awesome because the girls were really excited about them AND we found them at a dollar store, so we saved money on more expensive souvenirs when we got to the show!

How to Gift Disney On Ice Tickets by

We also took with us some snacks and a couple of special treats from their Halloween bags.  This way we didn't need to spend money on treats at the show!  The girls were still excited about the treats we brought and there were no disappointments or disagreements about wanting treats or glow-things that were too expensive for our budget :)
This was such a fun way to spend our Christmas afternoon!

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  1. I absolutely love the glow wand and crown idea. After tickets and food and drink costs I always feel bad having to say no to the flashy souvenirs because they get so expensive. Next festival or show we go to I will surprise my girls with these. Thanks

    1. You're welcome! I'm glad you think you can use the idea. :)

  2. Love this! We *always* pick up the glow stuff at the party store (we don't have a dollar store!) before we go to an event. Quick easy way to save tons of cash. And what a cute idea for a surprise!


    1. Thanks Brandy :) It saves a lot of money to think ahead with those things!

  3. Fun idea! My kids would love this. My daughter loves anything Disney related.

  4. That is such a fun idea! I love that you included the costume so they knew what they were going to wear. I'm going to steal this one for my daughter's birthday. We are surprising her with tickets to the circus for her present.

    1. I'm glad you could use the idea. :) Yes, it's pretty fun for them to go, dressed up. :)

  5. Hi-love this idea. Where did you get the printable from?

  6. Love this idea-where di you get the printable from?

  7. I distressed the edges by rubbing them on the ink pad.


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