Baby Katrina

Baby Katrina

Some of you who know me or who follow my blog know that I was taking a break from sessions because I was pregnant. Well, Katrina is now 3 months old, & I thought it was about time I post a few photos of her! I'm sure there will be more to come :)

January 1st, 2009
4 Weeks Old

In Daddy's hands:

Her finger in my ring, & thumb in Ken's.
I like this because one day she can compare the size of her finger/thumb to the rings & see how much smaller her little fingers were :)


  1. She's gorgeous Heather, congrats! I love the ring shot too, very creative!

  2. I love the pictures, and she is a beautiful baby! My coworkers all love them too. :)

  3. Yyyyeeeeaaahhh, Imma gonna need some more baby shots for sure :) Some recent ones! I love the pink load, though. I'm glad you're cherishing the moment :)

  4. I really love that second one, the processing looks really nice on it.


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