Girly Shoes

Girly Shoes

Yesterday I dressed Katrina in a little outfit (this usually only happens when I put her in a little dress for church on Sundays- I prefer to dress her in a snuggly sleeper most of the time). I felt that this was the perfect opportunity to squeeze her little baby feet into some little baby sneakers.

The shoes lasted long enough for some pictures & then she kicked them off & I put them on the stairs to be taken up to her room later. A little later I noticed Talia's shoes nearby & thought, huh, how cute, all three of us have pink & white shoes... photo op!

Apparently I'm on a pink kick (oh, that's punny) lately- with the shoes & the laundry, but that's the reality of the life of a mom of girls.

...who am I kidding? I'm wearing bright pink pajama bottoms right now and that has nothing to do with being a mom ;)

Here's one of the photos from her cute little outfit (I know a certain aunt who wouldn't let me get away with just posting the photo of the shoes ;)


  1. Wow, the resemblence of katrina and talia are huge in this picture. :) Verrrry very cute - great picture!

  2. Awwwww! I know this baby - you already had her about 3 years ago! :) Who would that certain aunt be? I know I for one would never be so demanding ... :)

  3. :) Well at least she comments on my blog- that makes up for her demands ;) haha

    You really thiknk they look that alike? (Of course Talia had a generous crop of dark hair- maybe that's why it's hard for me to tell).

  4. i love the shoe pic. it's so cool. and katrina is so adorable!!!! i love her headband.


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