Blogging Tips (How to cross words out)

Blogging Tips (How to cross words out)

Jenn asked, "how do you change your font so you can stroke out words?"

Click over to the "Edit Html" Tab

And enter the following html:
&ltstrike>words you want crossed out&lt/strike>

When you preview it, you should see this:
words you want crossed out

If you try this & it works, comment & let me know the tutorial was helpful!
If you're confused or have more questions, please comment!


  1. hmm.. my posts page is different than yours. If I want to put a line through it there is a button that shows words with a line through it and you just push the button...

  2. Sweet- that makes it a lot easier! :) Well, if you ever need to do it with html, now you know how ;)

  3. Hi- I have another question...
    I want to make my comment button a little more noticable... Some of my family who are a little blog illiterate have a hard time knowing where to click to add a comment. Can I change the color, size or even the words to say something like- click here to leave a comment. Or comments here... I don't know. If you can help that would be great! You are my go-to gal. I come here even before google...


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~Heather Lynne

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