Mug Flower Pot Gift

Mug Flower Pot Gift

For Mother's Day, Ken had the idea to have our girls make personalized mugs for our moms, and fill them with paper flowers with notes on them. They turned out really cute, though I would do some things differently next time!


- we bought a kit from Michael's that was do-it-yourself, but the photo part peeled off and the markers rubbed off- not cool! Next time, I would get the mug printed somehow so that it would last!
- Ken used regular artificial flower squishy stuff that you stuff stems into (yes, that's the correct terminology) and that worked fine
- green straws are great if you can find them
- you can do paper hand flowers, trace & cut out hands for flowers, hearts as well
- we wrote notes on them from Talia, she drew pictures, and kissed them with lipstick
- spraying the flowers with perfume is a big hit with Talia :)

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  1. you guys are so stinking creative! this is such a cute idea. in fact, i really enjoy reading your blog with all of the great ideas. one day they will come in handy :)

  2. Walmart puts pictures on mugs not sure the price though...

  3. Well they certainly looked cute, although I am so sad to hear the photo part didn't work out! I ordered some from Snapfish, I don't remember if it was a sale price but I think they were only ten dollar each. They were a big hit with the Grandma's at Christmas. At least the one of a kind bouquets can be treasured forever.


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