Sharing Time

Sharing Time

So Sharing Time is a new series I've decided to do that will show up here each Sunday. You'll be able to take my Sharing Time button & put it on one (or more) of your own favourite blog posts, and link up to that post here on the Sharing Time post. (It's not hard to do- just give it a try & once you've done it, you'll see how easy it is!)

How to Add Your Link

1. click on the Blue "Add Your Link" button at the bottom of this post
2. Enter the address of the blog post you want to share
3. Enter a name for what you're posting
4. Enter your email (won't be visible or shared)
5. Click on "Next Step"
6. A bunch of your photos will appear- choose the one you want to show up for the post you're sharing, & you're done!

I've added a couple of good links so you can see what it looks like :)

You'll also be able to check back here throughout the week and see what others have posted. The bonus is that you'll be seeing the best of everyone's week- the post they deem worth sharing. And others will be able to come & check out your best posts as well.

The Sharing Time link post will be open to add links to, throughout the whole week and then it will close in time for the next week's Sharing Time post.

I'm thinking I'll probably feature my favourite link from the previous week on the next week's Sharing Time post as well. So, add your link & maybe you'll be featured next week! I'm excited to get sharing with everyone! :)


  1. I linked up a few projects...Thanks and good luck!

  2. Thanks for inviting me to link up!! I added your link party button to my side bar. What a fun blog!

  3. Thanks Susan & Alison! It's good to have you participating- great links you've shared, too! :)

  4. Sorry. the button is added now. Thanks for inviting me!!


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