How To Make a Diaper Cake

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How To Make a Diaper Cake

Ever wondered how to make your own diaper cake? Well, you're in luck! I'm gonna walk you through it today! :) This is the diaper cake I made for my Sister In Law's baby shower. The cool thing about diaper cakes when you're a mom is that you can re-gift items that you didn't use with your baby. (Diapers that your baby has grown out of before you used them, & little accessories or toiletries that you didn't get around to using or just got too many of). How-To

1. Roll a ton of diapers and tie them closed with ribbon (or yarn or elastic bands... get creative ;)

(can you find the diaper that Talia rolled?)

2. Get a bunch of bowls to use for drawing circles on cardboard

3. Cut out the cardboard circles

4. Position diapers on the base & wrap some tissue paper or fat ribbon around the outside of the layer (to keep everything together & make it look pretty)
5. Add the next size up of the cardboard bases & repeat until you have the height you want.
6. Put something cute on top & a bunch of little things around on each layer7. Wrap with cellophane wrap & tie with ribbons & a little tag & you're done!

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  1. Soo funny... I have 4 diaper cakes in my sewing room ... I just need to add some goodies to them.
    Looks great Heather!

  2. Obviously I just crawled out from under a rock. Where were diaper cakes when I was having babies back in the dinosaur, eighties?? :)
    Thanks for stopping by my place, by the way!

  3. You make it look so easy! Even for someone who's all thumbs like me. Maybe that's why I couldn't spot the Talia diaper.

    Stopping by from SITS

  4. Great tutorial, so glad you shared. I will keep it in mind for the next baby shower I attend I recokon, really loved the idea.

  5. This looks awesome! Looks like something I could actually do. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I have a feeling I'm going to have to do this sometime in the near future. I have a group of friends who made only one and reuse it at each

  7. very very cute. there are so many different ways to do this I am sure but you made it look easy. Never made one but will remember yours when i need it.

  8. You know before I had a kid, I never understood the excitement over getting a diaper cake. Now that I have, I totally get it☺ Diapers are expensive and they are run through fast. This is such a fun way to present what could be an uninspired gift. Thanks for the how-to!

  9. I have always wanted to know how to make one! Thanks so much for sharing this darling tutorial! It's perfect for Baby Week!!


  10. Totally awesome! This is the perfect opportunity to try this out :-) I just love your creation. Thanks for sharing.

  11. New follower via Bird Crafts Linky Love! So cute!!

  12. Love your diaper cake! They are pretty fun to make but they do take time.

  13. Debbie White BeattieNovember 8, 2017 at 9:54 PM

    I've never seen this before but it's so creative and really adorable. Every mom would love this


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