Fabric Flowers

Fabric Flowers

I posted a while ago about a ruffle butt onesie that I made. I decided to decorate the front of it a little and used a tutorial over at the idea room.

Here's where I put it on the onesie:

And how I decided to package it for my cute little niece:

While I was looking for ideas for decorating the front of the onesie, I found these ideas:

Make a letter on the onesie (also used flowers)

Another super cute onesie

And another idea for the flowers might be to do a fabric version of these paper magnets

The flowers are quite simple to make, so have fun trying them out! :)

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  1. Simply adorable!

  2. That is adorable, I can think of so many places a fabric flower would be a great addition.

  3. Fabric flowers are perfect for so many things!! This is positively splendid. You are killing me with cute girl stuff!


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