Heritage Makers

Heritage Makers

I'm excited to tell you my news!

I've become a consultant for Heritage Makers!

It's really a cool company and when I started learning more about it, I got more and more excited about it. I have a love for creating and documenting memories. I've been doing that through the things I've shared on this blog, and I've been capturing as many memories as I can with my camera- for my own family and for others. But now I'm excited to add another piece to that!

I love the products from Heritage Makers!
Keep reading if you want to know what you can do with them!

Photo Storybooks
"Photos without stories are just memories forgotten"

Isn't that true? How many times have you looked back on a photo from years before & wondered what was going on?

What I like about Heritage Makers' books compared with the others I have tried:
- they focus on telling stories
- they have tons of scrapbook elements
- they have tons of ready-to-go (yet editable) scrapbook-y templates (so you don't have to spend forever to make it look cool if you don't want to!)
- you don't have to be scrapbook-y if you don't want to either- your books can be simple and classic, too!
- there is complete freedom as far as your layouts go- yay!!


That picture is of the canvas I just posted about of ours, so it's not actually from Heritage Makers, but you can get wrapped canvases just like this one and in various sizes, from Heritage Makers- and the prices are excellent! I'm so excited about it & can't wait to choose something to have made into a canvas!


I'm really excited about this, too! Heritage Makers has bracelets and necklaces with your own photos on them!

Playing Cards

These cards get me so excited because I've been wanting to design a deck of memory cards for a while now, that would be personalized with the pictures of my neices, nephews, and other relatives. We have a lot who live far away so it would be a fun way to remind my girls of their cousins, aunts, and uncles who are far away, and for them to feel less distant!
Also, these are totally customizable so they don't have to be used as a deck of cards- there are so many fun things you could use them for!

More Stuff, Too!

In the interest of keeping this post from taking over your life, I'll just make a list of some of the other cool products offered:

- personalized greeting cards
- postcards
- calendars
- posters
- spiral bound books
- board books
- and more!

Go, check out my Heritage Makers website now! It's awesome & you won't want to miss it!

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