Caramel Skor Apple Dip

Caramel Skor Apple Dip

I am not a fabulous cook. I don't love to do it. Baking is another story- I guess I just like the end result better, so I'm happy to do it ;)

Anyway, I wanted to start sharing with you some of the recipes that I have tried and liked. I'm often looking recipes up online because I don't have my own tried & true recipes for very many things.

Sometimes, I'll share a photo with you, of my creation. Sometimes I will show you a photo from the original recipe share-er. Always, I will either share the recipe with you or send you straight to the recipe via link.

To start with, today I want to share with you a delicious Caramel Skor Apple Dip Recipe. (You'll notice, in keeping with my habits, this recipe does not involve cooking & is super easy ;) I've had this several times before (made by others), but didn't have my own recipe for it. My husband wanted some to add some deliciousness to our fruit feast (which we had because we had been almost completely deprived of fruit for a week). I told you, I stink at the whole cooking thing, and sometimes that spreads to the whole "providing balanced nutrition" part of mothering...

but back to the recipe....
Doesn't this look delicious??

[photo taken from the website with the recipe which I will be linking you to]

There are a lot of recipes out there for a layered dip like this one, but we wanted it all mixed together with a little skor sprinkled on top- and we found it at All you need is cream cheese, caramel, skor bits, and brown sugar. (and apples)

It is DELICIOUS. Try it. The end.

Wait... not the end... do you have a favourite fruit dip?
Cuz I would LOVE to hear about it & expand my fruit dip horizons!


  1. Yummy, that does look good!

    Normally with fruit dips I cheat and get a chocolate dip that you just stick in the microwave to warm.

  2. This looks like it is right up my alley! Love Skor bars! Hard to find them at times! Kerri

  3. Heres one I love and the most used one! Mix a jar of marshmallow cream with a box of cream cheese....dip any kind of fruit you want...its to die for.

  4. box of cream cheese and a jar of marshmallow cream...whip it up, dip any fruit you like...soooo yummy with watermellon and grapes..enjoy!


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~Heather Lynne

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