30 Days of Kindness

30 Days of Kindness

Last night, I came upon a great blog called dandee. She had just finished a "thirty days of kindness" project, in preparation for her 30th birthday. I loved the idea & decided to give it a try.

I'll use some of them on these two, I'm sure ;)

So, I've begun my journey.
I'm starting with her list, and as I complete them, I'll come back here and cross them off (I may not do them all in order).

1. hold the door for someone
2. compliment someone's hair & mean it
3. write a letter to a friend & mail it
4. listen. really listen.
5. share a smile & a warm hello
6. bake a treat & deliver it to an elderly neighbour
7. call someone you've been thinking about
8. tell a loved one you're thankful for them
9. be patient
10. be sincere when you ask "how are you?"
11. be on time
12. hide a note for your love
13. read to a child (as long as they want)
This one really stood out to me, and I don't think I'll forget it easily. It's often on my mind, and I will do it often.
14. donate to a clothing drive
15. make someone's bed
16. leave a generous tip
17. leave a treasure on a stranger's doorstep
18. avoid judging others
19. send a thank you card
20. surprise someone with a home cooked meal
21. make a new friend
22. give someone a hug
23. cheer up the sad
24. deliver flowers to someone special
25. make a yummy breakfast for your loves
26. send happy mail
27. say I love you
28. reach out to an old friend
29. make someone laugh
30. anonymously pay for a stranger’s meal

I wanted to share this with you incase you'd like to give it a try or start one of your own. But definitely, don't rely on my typed out version of the list- Miss Dandee has a lovely collection of photos to go with hers, and I assure you that you'll find more than just this, to keep you occupied at her blog. :)

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  1. Thanks for posting this list. I love it. I will be posting it on my blog at http://www.chmitlinfamily.blogspot.com

    And the pictures of your girls with the dolls are so darlin'. I loved it when my girls were that age. Now they are 35,34,17, and 14. I know a big span. Only one husband through it all. They youngest are our granddaughters that we adopted when they were born. What a difference from the first two. Good thing that I have the Lord to strengthen me.


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