Feature Friday (Mom 4 Real)

Feature Friday (Mom 4 Real)

1. I love artichokes.
2. I am only 5 feet tall.
3. I listen to James Taylor when I clean and have since college.
4. I grew up in West Virginia.
5. I have an addiction to flossing...I guess there are worse things!

My blog is an outlet for my creativity. I love to share craft and DIY tutorials along with the occasional tips on organization and cooking. I really enjoy answering my readers questions and being inspired by other’s creativity. I actually started my blog as a way to vent about trying to get my children to eat healthier meals. It quickly turned into something else completely. I would definitely say that I am a craft blogger now. Mom 4 Real has even been nominated as one of Babble.com ‘s top 50 craft blogs! Super exciting!

Turn a Chalkboard into a Mirror
I took a hideously dark mirror and turned it into a chalkboard. I got a huge response on this project, and it was so simple to do!

Make a Camera Lens Catch Leash
I made a leash for my camera lense cap because I kept losing my lense cap...life saver!

Mason Jar Sewing Kit
I keep mine on my desk for quick use. It is so adorable and they make great gifts for teachers, neighbors, or kids going off to college.

Headband Holder
My daughter and I made this together...truth is, she did most of the work. Her headbands and ponytail holders were everywhere...this really helps to keep them organized.

Make a Puppet Theatre from a Pallet
I just posted this, and it is instantly one of my favorite projects, ever! I made this puppet theater out of a wooden pallet and now my daughter has a place to play and put on shows right in our own backyard...it was really easy too!



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  1. Thank you so much for featuring me today...funny story, I hit a nerve flossing today, and have been in the worst pain ever all day...so I think my comment just bit me in the tushy!


  2. Oh no! Ouch :/ I hope it gets better soon! (and you're welcome! :)


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