Gingerbread & Other Holiday Cooking ( #LMDConnector )

Gingerbread & Other Holiday Cooking ( #LMDConnector )

This Christmas season I have continued to struggle with pain in my hands, so although I have had the desire to do lots of Christmas baking, I haven't been able to follow through with all of it! I did make a couple of batches of cookies, and I was able to get together with my sister in law and (well, mostly watch her) make cookies. But there is still half a batch of red cookie dough and half a batch of green cookie dough in our fridge, waiting for someone to turn them into candy cane cookies. I haven't had strong enough hands to even think about getting that cold, hard dough out of the fridge to work with it!

I am so thankful to have friends and family around that I can get together with to enjoy some of the traditional fun things that I can't quite pull off on my own all of the time! This year, while Talia was in school, my sister in law and I drove out to a friend's house with our two little ones, to make gingerbread houses & decorate gingerbread cookies.

It was lovely to see Katrina experiencing this, and to have someone there to squeeze out the icing when I couldn't keep going!

What are some of your traditional holiday baking recipes?
Do you have anything you like to bake for New Years?

I found a bunch of quick & easy recipes for gingerbread on, and a bunch of Christmas themed recipes that I will have to pin for next year!

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