Monday Moments (Chilly in Chile... get it?!)

Monday Moments (Chilly in Chile... get it?!)

To understand this one, you should know that in our religion, young men and young women often serve missions. They get called to go to another part of the world for 18months to 2 years, to teach people about the gospel. Recently, our very close friend and babysitter (who is basically like an aunt to our girls) received her mission call.

[Amber & Katrina]

Me: *pulls out a baking sheet*
Katrina: What are you making, Mom?
Me: *pulls out bag of frozen cookie dough balls from freezer*
Katrina: "Oh, cookies?!"
Me: "Yep. It seemed like a good day for it since it's a chilly day, so it won't feel too hot to turn the oven on."
Katrina: "Amber's going to have tons of cookies!"
*smiling, and laughing a lot*
"...Do you know why I said that? Cuz she's going on her mission and it's called Chile!" :)

She said this with such a huge, cute, proud smile :)

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