How To Make Hot Chocolate From Kinder Eggs #KinderMom

How To Make Hot Chocolate From Kinder Eggs #KinderMom

Because of the hot weather we had been having,
our most recent shipment of Kinder Eggs
arrived in rough shape, melted from the heat.

So, we got creative with how to enjoy them! (Don't miss my Kinder Egg Popcorn post for another creative way to use Kinder Egg Chocolate ;) I unwrapped the eggs that were in really rough shape & took the chocolate off & gave the girls the plastic eggs. Then I tried making Kinder Egg Hot Chocolate! (It was like melted Kinder Egg in a mug- delicious!)

Another #KinderMom recommended adding 2 Kinder Eggs (of course just the chocolate- unwrap first and remove the plastic egg with toy inside ;) to a mug of steamed milk- it worked like a charm!

Now, a little about the new Kinder Eggs...

Shortly after it came out in theatres, we took our girls to see Monsters University (they loved the first movie and we were pretty sure the second would live up to it), so they were really excited when they heard that our next box of Kinder eggs would have Monsters University toys inside! They thought the movie was really funny, and they love to recreate the movie with the toys :)

We were even more excited that EVERY one of the Monsters University eggs has a Monsters University toy in it (not just some of them). You can check out the new section to Kinder®’s Toy Gallery on Facebook (you can browse and vote for your favourites)

Disclosure: I’m part of the KINDER® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


  1. Wait a minute! Are Kindereggs legal in the US again? I used to smuggle them into the States when we lived in Germany. haha! I love those cute little, toy stuffed chocolate eggs!

    1. Unfortunately I don't think they are legal in the US! I live in Canada, and we have them everywhere here! :) (It's so crazy to think that they're illegal in the USA!)

  2. What a brilliant and resourceful idea! I will try that in the winter.


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