General Conference Weekend

General Conference Weekend

Sharing Time for April 2014 will start next week.

This weekend I am busy watching General Conference. I love the opportunity to hear a prophet and other leaders (including women) speak and to refocus and rededicate my life, making new goals to focus on for the 6 months between now and the next General Conference. There are 4 sessions taking place (2 on Saturday & 2 on Sunday). You can watch it online- it doesn't matter whether you are a member of the church or not.

Here is a short video invitation:

Sessions are at 10am-12 MDT, and 2-4pm MDT today and tomorrow.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Edited to Add: You can now watch or listen to any of the talks here!

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  1. I would if i wasn't living the other side of the ocean

    1. Great news is you can watch it later, too! (they put the videos up afterwards so you can watch them again if you want or for the first time if you missed them)


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