The Sacrament (A Children's Book by John Bytheway)

The Sacrament (A Children's Book by John Bytheway)

Some of the book reviews I share on this blog are religious. This one is very much "Mormon" (it applies specifically to the sacrament that happens weekly in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). It's called The Sacrament by John Bytheway, illustrated by Nathan Pinnock, and published by Deseret Book.

I've mentioned John Bytheway before on the blog, a couple of times. (My husband & I are big fans ;)

I recently shared some children's books that focus on baptism. Along with learning about baptism, it is important to teach our children about the Gift of the Holy Ghost, about repentance, and about the sacrament. They are all connected.

So, I was excited when I heard that John Bytheway was coming out with this book. When I started reading it to the girls, right away my husband asked if the book was based on a poem that we have heard Bytheway share in the past, and sure enough, the book is full of rhymes and is really a long poem, inspired by a short poem by Walter M. Horned.

The book focuses on what we should be thinking about (and not be thinking about) during the sacrament, and what it can do for all of us. I love Nathan Pinnock's artwork and I love the way he so clearly and thoughtfully illustrates the story and the meaning behind it, in his artwork.

My kids got excited as soon as they realized it was "a rhyming book", and their eyes were glued to the pictures as we talked about the different things we could see happening in them. I know we'll read this one again and again! I can see that there is the potential for them to learn a lot from it and I am excited about it!

Disclosure: A copy of the book was provided to me by Deseret Book for review purposes. All opinions expressed are of course mine.

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