Rainbow Polka Dot Birthday Party

Rainbow Polka Dot Birthday Party

For Talia's 8th birthday, we threw a rainbow polka dot party :) If you follow me on Instagram, you saw a couple of previews of this party a couple of months ago- well, I'm finally getting to blogging about it!

 Here are all the details:

We found rainbow polka dot wrapping paper at the dollar store. I made the rainbow polka dot hanging decorations by cutting circles (with my Cricut) out of coloured cardstock paper and then sewing it together. (It was pretty easy to do!) We also strung some coloured balloons up (I can't remember how we did it- you could thread them with a needle through the tied part of the balloon, or you could just tape them right onto the string... which might be the way we did it because I don't remember using a needle... actually I'm pretty sure my husband hung the balloons ;) We thought about making a pinata like we have in the past, several different times & ways, but in the end we had run out of time to make one and Talia was dying to get a rainbow 8-shaped pinata that we had seen while pricing pinatas earlier, so we just splurged and bought it!

Rainbow Polka Dot Party Decorations by www.RaisingMemories.com

I made an invitation from PearTreeGreetings.com and decorated with some Circle party decorations that PearTreeGreetings.com sent to us. The decorations were great because we were able to use them for Talia's baptism later as well- we used them around the food.

Rainbow Polka Dot Party Decor from PearTreeGreetings.com by www.RaisingMemories.com

As the party guests arrived, we gave them each a smock (or one of my old T-shirts) to wear over their party clothes, and they each chose a little sun-catcher to paint & take home with them. (We found these at the dollar store- we used them for Katrina's easy animal party one year, and Talia liked them enough to want to do them at her party). I had the rainbow polka dot cups from my sponsor, Wholeport.com, and they were perfect for the theme of the party, so I set them out at the craft table with rainbow fish crackers in them. :)

Easy Inexpensive Sun Catcher Activity for a Birthday Party at www.RaisingMemories.com

I'm not sure if it was particular guests at this party or just the age in general, but this was the first party where I felt like something changed... when it was time to find music for a game, before I knew it, the girls were at the computer, wanting to find "What Does The Fox Say". Girls huddled around the computer, dancing around my house... it was a different, less childlike feeling, and I wasn`t sure HOW to feel about it! They were definitely game for the rainbow polka dot game of Twister I had borrowed from my parents though! :)

After some games, it was time for pizza (on rainbow dishes from IKEA), followed by cake (on disposable rainbow polka dot plates from a dollar store). The cake was the star of this party- I felt pretty proud of my efforts when one of her guests asked Talia, "What?! Do you live in a bakery?!" haha :) You can read all about tips and tricks for making this cake yourself in my Rainbow Petal Polka Dot Surprise Cake Tips and Tricks post (that was a mouthful)!

Perfect Birthday Cake for a Rainbow Polka Dot Party by www.RaisingMemories.com

We then did our pinata (we have to do indoor pinatas because of our winter birthdays in this family!) Talia's grandma even joined in for the pinata when it was taking forever to break! (She was there to do face painting- you'll notice crowns on some of their foreheads ;)

Rainbow Pinata

We just fill the pinata with whatever we're planning to send home as party favours, which was as follows this time around: (More details further down in the post)

Rainbow Party Favours for a Child's Birthday Party at www.RaisingMemories.com

You can find out how to make this gum ball party favor in a post I put up last week (which includes a free printable bag topper)

I found the little party boxes at Target in the dollar section. The stick-on earrings were actually craft stickers from the dollar store (I bought a big pack & cut them into individual strips). Talia made the rainbow friendship bracelets with her rainbow loom, and those cute rainbow polka dot themed hair ties are from the fabulous Leslie over at Tied Up Loose Ends. You can find my review of her shop here. As thanks for sharing her shop with you (which of course I wanted to do because her products are adorable & she was so great to work with!), she sent me these hair ties for Talia's rainbow party and Katrina's Princess Party. I love the idea of using these as party favours (not just for kids' birthday parties, but for showers and all kinds of parties!)

Rainbow Polka Dot Party Favors at www.RaisingMemories.com

This party was so much fun! I'm glad I finally got to share the rest of it with you! :)

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  1. How cute! It looks like everything went really well. I'm so obsessed with party planning these days!


  2. I love it! Everything looked so bright and cheery and colorful!

  3. Love, love, love! Definitely checking out your post on how to make the cake because Moo saw your picture and has requested a purple and white one for her birthday.


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