Monday Moments: But My Room Is Not Tidy!

Monday Moments: But My Room Is Not Tidy!

So, I'm out shopping with Katrina and this is the conversation we have:

Me: "So, do you remember my friend Robin?"

K: "Yes"

Me: "She's coming over to visit tomorrow!"

K: "Uh oh."

Me: "What's wrong?"

K: "My room is not tidy!"

Me: "Yes it is! Remember we cleaned it up yesterday? But she is not bringing her kids with her this time."

K: "She's just coming to see how much we've grown?"

hahaha :) What kids think.

A shot of part of Talia's room on a tidy day.. a long time ago before it got rearranged a lot

Apparently it is getting through to Katrina that we want to keep our rooms tidy. I am working hard to teach the girls to keep their rooms in good shape and if they don't get it done before a friend comes over, sometimes I'll tell them it is too messy upstairs so they can't play upstairs. The other day my mother in law called to see if they could stop in and Katrina answered the phone. She said, "Sure you can, but you can't come upstairs because it's WAY too messy up there." haha.

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