Sick Day

Sick Day

Remember yesterday Saturday when I said I expected to have more time to blog this week? Well.... that was before I got sick.

 Yesterday we went to church and then I went out of town for a meeting for something I'm doing for church, and my meeting was 4 hours long (it was a long training thing), and all throughout the meeting I could just feel myself getting sicker and sicker. My throat got sore-er, the headache came on, I could feel my glands swelling I'm telling you- it just HIT. By the time I got home I was feeling quite crummy and just wanted to go to sleep and make it all go away. So, I did fall asleep (at 9pm) and didn't wake up until 8am.. 11 hours of sleep!

It's really a shame that I feel this way today because on Saturday I made this intense to-do list for myself for today and the rest of this week, because I wanted to tackle a bunch of blog posts and things that keep getting put off. Instead, today I just feel like laying in bed and doing NOTHING.

So... no creative, fun blog post for today.. just an "I'm sick.  Poor me." kind of a post.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll be feeling much better.. we shall see!  But if I don't pull off an excellent post for you tomorrow, I can guarantee that I have something worthwhile for you for Wednesday *cough*Mother's Day*cough*giveaway*cough*... so stay tuned for that!

Talia is also home today (she is feeling crummy, but not quite as crummy as I feel).  That sweet girl brought me a tray with toast and a water bottle on it, to me in my bed.  We spent some time hanging out in my bed, watching a youtube vlog together, and now she's eating lunch with Ken (who is working from home today).

I hope you feel better than I do today!  And here's to quick recoveries!  Have a happy Monday :)

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  1. Oh, darling! Our bodies know when we need sleep. Get as much as you can and you will feel so much better. I will be praying for your speedy recovery. Cate <><

  2. Ah man! I hope it goes away as quickly as it came!

    1. Thank you Betsy, me too! :) I'm hoping we get a chance to go shopping this week!


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