Top 14 Posts During 2014

Top 14 Posts During 2014


I hope you've all had a lovely time spending time with family and friends over the holidays! I have been loving it! There are still a few days left before school starts for my girls and we're making the most of them.

I thought it would be fun to start the year by sharing my top 14 posts of 2014. I couldn't decide whether to share the top posts that were posted during 2014 or the top viewed posts of the year (even if they were written in other years)... so I'm doing both ;) Today I'll share the top 14 Posts during 2014 (from previous years) and on Monday I'll share the top 14 posts that were written in 2014.

Top Posts of 2014

1. 100 Non-Toy Gift Ideas

2. DIY Canned Gifts

3. Love Letter Books

4. Easy-to-make Window Seat Cushion

5. Halloween Candy Christmas Advent

6. DIY Paper Triangle Bunting Tutorial

7. He Said/She Said Bridal Shower Game

8. Holly Wreath Treats

9. Reindeer Food

10. Rolling Stamp Wrapping Paper

11. Teddy Bear Cake

12. How to Remove Sticker Residue
(there's a post about clothes, and another about plastic!

13. DIY Lace Crown Tutorial

14. Watermelon Ice Cream Cake

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