2019 Holiday Gift Guide Giveaways

2019 Holiday Gift Guide Giveaways

I'm giving away EVERY. SINGLE. ITEM. in this year's gift guide!!

All gift guide ideas are right here in this post, from Kids to Parents and even Stocking Stuffers.

Here are all of the items from this year's guide along with links to the Instagram posts where you can enter to win them!!

We'll go in order by the categories, starting with kids, moving on to parents, and then stocking stuffers:

Gift Ideas for Kids

Cubby (a Fur Real Friend)

My kids have always loved Hasbro's Fur Real Friends! They're starting to get a bit old for dolls and stuffed animals now but they were still thrilled to open Cubby, the Curious Bear! Which, by the way, is ridiculously soft and so cute! It feels like you're holding a human child because of his size. He plays peek-a-boo, makes all kinds of interactive sounds, can sit or stand, and even dances. This is the kind of toy that can be the main event on Christmas morning.


My kids are big readers. We actually have to put limits on the amount of time they’re allowed to read in the summertime, or they will do nothing else! They have enjoyed Brandon Mull's children’s books about Pingo (an imaginary friend) and his chapter books in the Fablehaven and Dragonwatch series in the past, but it’s always extra exciting to get your hands on a newly released book from a series! (Brandon has recently released the 3rd Dragonwatch book and a new children's book called Smarter Than A Monster).

Book Subscription

I love Bookroo’s idea of a Kids’ Book Subscription Box! Each month, you receive a box with a couple of new books in it (wrapped in wrapping paper- so fun!). Subscription boxes are fabulous gifts too because they keep on giving, long after the holidays end! More details about Bookroo are in my post from last year's gift guide.


These are flexible blocks that you can use by themselves or with LEGO! The inventor set comes with all kinds of blocks and tons of tendons- the flexible connectors that make Flexo so unique! These can be used on their own to create all sorts of imaginative creatures and structures, or you can use them with existing LEGO sets! The inventor sets come in neutral colours (as shown in the photo) or brights.

Primary Book of Mormon

Last year’s gift guide featured a beautiful set of journaling scriptures from a company called Line Upon Line. They have created journaling editions of the New Testament as well as the Book of Mormon and Doctrine & Covenants (which are books of scripture that our religion, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, uses). The books leave lots of space for you to journal or create art in the margins. About 6 months ago, they released a special children’s version of their journaling scriptures called the “Primary Edition”. This edition is only available as the Book of Mormon, is smaller than the regular Journaling Edition, comes in 7 different colors, AND features a reading chart and illustrations that are designed to be colorable.  What a great gift for a child this year!


My girls & I have had Ms. Monopoly sitting out on the living room floor for several days & each day after school, we hang out together and play- it has been so fun! It’s a clever twist on the original Monopoly. Where the properties in the original game were, instead are inventions (real things, all invented by women) and players invest in them. It has been an interesting learning experience and has brought up some good discussion. For example, in this game the women have an advantage: they start with more money, and they make more money when they pass go than men do. This brought up a discussion about fairness, what things are like in the world, and how we think they should be.

Gift Ideas for Parents

6 Ingredients Cookbook

Listen, baking I love, but cooking is not my favorite! So I’m thrilled when someone makes cooking easy for me & I love the concept of a whole cookbook filled with meal, side, & dessert recipes that ALL use 6 ingredients or less!! That’s exactly what six ingredients is & it’s by none other than Six Sisters Stuff, a group of 6 sisters with a fabulous blog filled with recipe ideas- AND there are color photos of all the recipes. This would be a great gift for a parent on your list!

Jo Totes Camera Bag

I have several blog posts about Jo Totes camera bags because I have tried several of them and I love them for everything from camera bag to “mom bag” to “church bag” and “travel bag”! This would make an awesome gift for any Mom (or woman for that matter), whether you’re a photographer or not.

Endy Pillows

If you’re a parent, you know what it’s like to struggle to get good sleep. How would you like to be able to give (or receive) the gift of easier, more comfortable sleep? My favourite thing about Endy pillows is that they are fully adjustable! They’re filled with shredded bamboo charcoal memory foam and come with a travel bag where you can add the extra foam so you can adjust the amount of filling in your pillow. I have changed mine several times, especially as I’ve gone through some issues with neck pain recently- these pillows have been SO helpful!

Ticket Chocolate

Years ago someone sent me a gift in the mail from Ticket Chocolate and I fell in love. The chocolate was delicious and I loved dipping the chocolate-on-a-stick into steaming milk to create a delicious, gourmet drink! The flavours are so delicious that I sometimes just eat the chocolate straight from the stick! They also offer some unique chocolate bar flavours like Salted Classic Milk Chocolate, Mom's Apple Pie, and Grasshopper Pie. My favourite thing about their cute little S'mores kits are the incredibly soft, handmade marshmallows! A package of items from Ticket Chocolate would be a fabulous gift for just about any parent on your list.

Highs & Lows Journal

We’ve been talking about our Highs & Lows at the dinner table for years, but wouldn’t it have been cool to have recorded all of those conversations over the years? To be able to look back on the best and worst parts of my kids’ days back when they were younger? How about their answers to questions like, “If you could make a new holiday, what would it be?” and “What is your greatest fear?” or “If you could ask a wild animal any question, what would you ask it?”.

Study Book of Mormon

This book was JUST released this month and is different from their original journaling edition in several ways: it includes footnotes (this is the thing I’m most excited about because I love to get into the footnotes when I study the scriptures), it also has tabs included, it’s spiral bound which makes studying and note-making especially easy, and its cover comes in several prints. I am so excited for Talia to have a copy of this book as she gets into Seminary later this year! The Study Edition would make a great gift for teens and adults, especially this Christmas because we’ll be focusing on the Book of Mormon in our scripture studies in class curriculum in 2020!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Ticket Chocolate Sticks

If you’ve followed my previous gift guides then you know that Ticket Chocolate is one of my favorite special treats- I LOVE their ticket sticks! (Just imagine dipping one of these sticks into steaming milk to create a delicious, gourmet drink… or do like I love to do and dip lick the melty chocolate off the stick before it disappears into hot chocolate! These little delights are the PERFECT size to pop into a stocking which is why they’re on my list of stocking stuffers for this year’s gift guide!

Flexo Mini Kits

These are flexible blocks that you can use by themselves or with LEGO! They make various sizes of kits including these cute little packs that are the perfect size to put inside of a stocking! (Small foil packs available include a starfish, a glow-in-the-dark space ball, a glow in the dark bracelet, and a keychain kit). As part of my Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway series, one of you will win 4 of these small packs, to use in your stockings this year!


My kids are huge into reading, and even if they weren’t, I think a small book in their stocking would be a great way to get them a little more excited about reading. I’ve gathered 4 different book titles from Shadow Mountain Publishing that would work for our family- one for Dad (a story of a crisis of faith, based at the time of Jesus’ birth), one for Mom (a Christmas mystery), one for our teenager (a story about bullying in high school), and one for our 10 year old (about the struggles of a young girl who looks different than everyone else). They’re all just small enough to fit in our stockings so they make the perfect stocking stuffer!

Scripture Stickers

In the previous sections of the gift guide, you saw journaling scriptures for kids, teens, or adults. The company that makes those (Line Upon Line) has just released several sets of scripture stickers! They have an Instagram page where they're always sharing the beautiful artwork that people are putting in their scriptures and I love that they have teamed up with some talented artists to make it possible for someone a little less artistic to include such artwork in their own scriptures if they'd like! These little packages are the perfect size for stocking stuffers!


I'm hosting giveaways for every single item in this giveaway!!

Children's Items

Parents' Items

Stocking Stuffer Items

Scripture Stickers

**I do have a couple more giveaways coming up in December, so stay tuned for them!**
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