Mindfulness Videos

Mindfulness Videos

I will be publishing a series of mindfulness videos over the next several weeks. The videos will be hosted on YouTube and shared here on the blog, along with a coordinating written blog post for each video. The first video introduces a bit about why I decided to create this series:

mindfulness videos

Grown-Up Imposter Syndrome

I had this idea, growing up, that once I became an adult, got married, and had kids, I was finished with my personal growth and my task in life was just to live out adulthood, raising my children, teaching them what they needed to know, and taking care of things in my life… and that I would just know how to do all of these things because I was an adult- I was grown up!

It seems more obvious to me now, but it took some time for me to have this realization that we are meant to continue growing and developing as adults.  I used to feel like something was wrong with me or I was doing something wrong if I didn’t know something as an adult.  But the truth is that learning and trying new things can actually be part of the joy and excitement of life as an adult!

Mindfulness Video Series

I’ve been thinking about making these videos for a while and there are two goals or reasons that I have for making them. One is that perhaps I can help someone who is in a similar place to the one that my younger self was once in, and the other is that I would like to document this learning process that I’m going through.

The first videos will focus on mindfulness and future videos may touch on things like meditation, journaling, yoga, and anything else I’ve been learning about and experimenting with that are making a difference in my personal growth as an adult.

My plan is for each video to include something helpful- a realization that I’ve had, my thoughts about it, and a tip or actionable task you can try, to experiment with that thing yourself. 

I hope you'll find them helpful!

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  1. Yah! Another YouTuber :) Happy to have you on the platform!

  2. Congrats on the new YouTube venture! I think about these sorts of topics frequently, as you may have noticed from my blog, so I look forward to your perspectives. When did we become adults anyway?

    1. Yes! it's nice to find others who like to think about this stuff. :)
      and I do not know- time is the weirdest!!

  3. What a great idea and purpose! I look forward to seeing all your videos!


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