Raising Memories: Monday Moments #11

Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Moments #11

The other day we went for a walk & Talia helped Katrina put her shoes on.

This morning Talia looked up at me for a long time (out of nowhere) with a smile on her face, and then narrated, "gazing into your blue eyes..." lol!


We were reading our Book of Mormon reader today before Talia's nap. We read the story about Captain Moroni and how Zarahemna got scalped. There's a picture of the Nephite holding his sword up with the scalp on it & Zarahemna's long braid attached to it. Talia happily pointed out that a nice, good boy could have his hair now! (Haha, Nephite Angel Hair for Kids? :)


From the time Talia was pretty little, I have called her, affectionately, my scrumptious munchkin. Last night as I was putting her to bed she said, "I love you scrumpsh... sometimes when you love people you just call them scrumpsh."


Also, of her friend Amelia, she said (again, out of nowhere, sitting at the kitchen table at dinner time), "I love Amelia more than an animal loves their child." (Where does she come up with these things?!)


  1. Soooo cute. Yea I think his hair was given to Locks of Love!

  2. Oh my these made me laugh out loud! Thanks Talia!


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