Monday Moments #10

Monday Moments #10

Talia was sick & asking about why people sometimes lose their voices when they're sick. I decided to go for it & explain about mucous. She said she didn't like the word "mucous" and wanted to change the name to "Newt". (She's watched Matilda recently, so I'm guessing that's where the name came from). I don't particularly like the sound of the word mucous either, Talia.

Last night Ken told me he should have a blog. If you know Ken, you know I never expected to hear those words come out of his mouth- but he was kidding, so it wasn't that surprising. Why did he feel a need to blog? Because he requested potato wedges for dinner & I said, "Do we have potato wedges somewhere?" In my defense, I was picturing frozen ones... do they have those? He just laughed and sai, "Uh, we have potatos... from which you can make potato wedges."

Remember this hair?

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