Easter Egg Reading Hunt

Easter Egg Reading Hunt

I got the idea for an Easter Egg Reading Hunt from Chasing Cheerios. Yesterday I finally put it into action. I added rules to ours because I knew Talia would get bored if I didn't ;)

So, she found an egg, and had to read the word before she could look for the next one (and to keep her interested I told her there was a surprise after she found all the eggs). It didn't take much- she was excitedly searching for eggs & laughing at where she would find them.

At the end she got a yellow peep marshmallow. She looked at me after I placed it in her hand and said, seriously, "Mommy. This is junkfood!" (as though she were disappointed in me)... what's the world coming to??

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  1. LOL! She has better nutrional values than you Mom?
    I'll take a Peep anyday!

  2. Seriously :) lol
    I'm thinking this would be a good time to set some Easter traditions that are light on candy. ;)

  3. Such a cute idea. I like that it isn't just focused on candy.


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