Happy St. Patrick's Day! (ish)

Happy St. Patrick's Day! (ish)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We'll be wearing green today, how about you?

We'll be starting our day with a green breakfast... or Lucky Charms, depending on how the morning goes ;)

How the morning went:
Talia threw up before I finished getting Katrina dressed, and didn't want any breakfast.

We've also got playgroup today.

Yesterday we made cards with 4 leaf clovers on them, made from green paper hearts. We already gave them out though, & I didn't take pictures :/
All you need are:
- 4 green paper hearts
- some glue
- a green pencil crayon/crayon/marker for the stem

Easy craft!

Good thing we did something St.Patrick's Day-ish yesterday. I think most of the day will be spent relaxing & watching movies... I don't think I'll be trying any green food on her just yet... we're focussing on fluids and maybe something simple later on!


  1. Aw, well happy St. Paddy's Day. Hope she feels better soon!

  2. We did the Lucky Charms thing too, but not the throw up thank goodness!

  3. Poor Talia. You know, you can put food coloring in apple or orange juice! We did it in our orange juice this morning. Probably won't come out of the carpet well, so be careful ... :)

  4. Cleaning it up is bad enough, but cleaning it up green might just send me over the edge and have me experiencing a little taste of pregnancy all over again... I think we'll play it safe and leave the green food colouring in the cupboard ;)


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