Talia's 4th Birthday Party (A Mess of Balloons)

Talia's 4th Birthday Party (A Mess of Balloons)

It's been a couple of months since Talia's birthday & I'm finally blogging about her party! Someone asked me how I was going to top her 3-Year Old party (A Fairy Princess Tea Party), and I wondered the same thing- I loved that party! I didn't have to come up with an idea this year though, because after blowing up balloons for other birthdays before hers, Talia requested "a mess of balloons" for her birthday party. So, a mess of balloons, we set out to create!

I had visions of filling the living room with balloons to the extent almost of a ball pit, but it didn't end up that full (and a lot of balloons popped in the night before the party!) I think our little birthday girl was happy anyway ;)

Here's the party table set up with a balloon centerpiece:

Here's what the lunch table looked like:

They made their own party hats, name tags, and bracelets (I found a set of foam kits at the dollar store for this!)

We had balloon games (led by Daddy), but they definitely seemed to enjoy balloon freeplay the most ;)

We also had punching balloons, and balloon animals (also made by Daddy)

Lunch included heart shaped sandwiches and wouldn't be complete without pink milk!


  1. Those cakes look delish! We've done the mess of balloons for a birthday in the past, isn't it just the best fun? And happy birthday to your darling:)

  2. Happy birthday to her, I hope her day was great!!

  3. Very cute and very creative! What a lucky little girl!
    Stopping by from the Lady Bloggers Tea Party.

  4. So Adorable! I love doing our kids' birthday parties at home, too, and trying to top the last one! Your pics from this one look amazing (and I LOVE all the Ikea kids stuff - I am addicted to that store!)
    Found you via Lady Bloggers Society - will definitely stop by for more tips and ideas!!


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